Photograph the Beauty of Colorado Mountain Goats

As a photographer, capturing the majestic beauty of Colorado Mountain Goats is a must-have addition to your portfolio. With their shaggy coats and impressive horns, these creatures make for incredible photographic subjects. But where can you find them and when is the best time to visit? Let’s explore.

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Mountain goat in the wind. (Mount Evans)

Where to Find Colorado Mountain Goats in Colorado

The best locations to spot Colorado Mountain Goats are in the mountains near Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. Places like Mount Evans Wilderness Area, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Rocky Mountain National Park and Summit County offer excellent chances for sightings. In these areas, the goats can be seen grazing on alpine vegetation at higher elevations during the summer months.

The Best Time to Photograph Colorado Mountain Goats

The optimal time of year to photograph Colorado Mountain Goats is during the summer months from June to September. During this time, the goats are more active and visible, making it easier to capture stunning shots. However, as fall sets in, the goats move to lower elevations in search of food before winter comes.

Breeding and Birth Season of Colorado Mountain Goats

Did you know that the breeding season for Colorado Mountain Goats occurs in November and December? This time of year is an exciting opportunity to capture male goats competing for the attention of females, using their horns and size to intimidate rivals. After a six-month gestation period, females give birth to a single kid in May or June. These newborns are incredibly cute and make for great photographs, but it’s important not to disturb them or their mothers.

Altitudes and Precautions

Colorado Mountain Goats prefer to live in high-altitude areas, typically above 11,000 feet. They can be found in alpine tundra habitats where they graze on grasses, herbs, and shrubs. However, these habitats are often steep and rocky, making them challenging to navigate. Therefore, it’s crucial to take precautions and be prepared for the terrain when venturing into these areas.

Laws and the Importance of Professional Guides

It’s vital to remember that Colorado Mountain Goats are protected by both state and federal laws, making it illegal to harm, harass, or kill them. It’s crucial to respect their natural habitats and behaviors and give them plenty of space when encountering them. Using a professional guide when exploring areas where Colorado Mountain Goats are known to live is highly recommended.

Benefits of Using a Professional Guide

Using a professional photography guide when exploring areas where Colorado Mountain Goats are known to live has several advantages. Guides can provide expert knowledge on the habits and behaviors of the animals, as well as the best locations and times for sightings. They can also provide necessary equipment like binoculars and hiking gear and ensure that visitors are safe and prepared for the challenging terrain. Additionally, guides are trained in Leave No Trace principles, ensuring that the natural habitats of the goats remain undisturbed.

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