About 1 1/2 years ago I moved into a lifted Jeep Rubicon so that I could start providing more than just a simple photography tour. After 18 months of scouting I have expanded my offerings to include some of the most beautiful, remote and adventurous locations in the state. In this newsletter I would like...
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covid-19 compliant
Let’s face it. Travel is greatly changed for the foreseeable future due to the Corona Virus and tourism specifically has even higher risks. Holiday travel often involves participation in high risk situations such as group tours, events and densely occupied public areas. This new reality requires that people start to think about how they can...
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The arch without the crowds in photo
Be warned!  You might not want to look behind this curtain.   The photo you see here is telling you a straight faced lie.  It’s so peaceful, so desolate… It’s the very epitome of quiet solitude.  Right?  Well, not so much. I captured this photo of Mesa Arch in Canyonlands Utah.  I woke up at about...
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Candid photo of child with bubbles
Many photographers are under the impression that great candid photography is just a matter of being lucky.  If only that were true… it would be a lot easier. Most often my candid photos, while not posed, are pre-planned.  I will notice a situation that has potential for a great shot “if only things were like...
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Foundations of Composition At the simplest level, we can define composition as the way a photographer frames a scene. But good composition involves much more than simply choosing how to crop the world into the rectangle inside your viewfinder. Good composition is the process of arranging forms and tones in a way that is pleasing...
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Depth of Field Tutorial header
Too many photography tutorials only discuss aperture as the method a photographer uses to control depth of field.  In fact there are four factors that control depth of field and using them together gives you far more options and capabilities than aperture alone.  Without understanding how all four factors combine you will always run into...
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Exposure match header
There is a little known tool in Adobe Lightroom that for some reason they have chosen to hide away as a menu item.  It has no tool or pallet on display in the develop module (hence why most people never know it exists).  This tool is the “match total exposure” command, and it is a...
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Portrait retouching tutorial - header image
Photoshop of course is an amazing way to do touch up work on portrait photography.  However, all too often the touch up artist takes things too far, either by choice or more often becuase they simply don’t know the techniques for doing natural touch up work in Photoshop.  The following article gives you some basic touch...
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Macro Photography - Flower
Are you looking to get involved in the world of Macro Photography?  There is a lot of good reasons to try.  For starters it is just great fun and can be done anywhere you live. Literally anywhere from the tundras of Alaska to the deserts of Chili to the sidewalks of the Bronx.  Once you...
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