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Our tours are highly flexible.  If you wish to combine multiple tours together that is no problem.  If you wish to add additional days to any tour, that can be done as well. Some tours are only available during specific times of year.  You will find that information on the tour’s information page.  This can be due to the subject matter (ie: wildflowers) or accessibility (snow blocking trails).

Please pick up the phone anytime to talk over your options.  Everything can be customized to your needs.

Single Day Tours

Mix & Match for additional days if you wish.
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Fall Colors Photo Tours

1+ Days

Fall in Colorado is amazing. That’s why it’s called “Rocky Mountain Aspen Gold”. Spend a day (or more) chasing the color across the mountain passes. Learn new skills and techniques for creating beautiful Autumn images.

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Colorado photography tour guide

Colorado Wildflowers Photo Tour

1+ Days

Colorado’s wildflowers are small yet stunning. Spend a day learning new skills in floral and macro photography. Destinations include alpine environments with beautiful mountain views.

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Milky Way Night Sky Photo Workshop

Night Sky Photo Tour

1+ Days

Capture the majesty of the Rocky Mountain landscapes after the sun has set. Nighttime is the right time to capture landscapes in a whole new way, with a backdrop of celestial stars. Learn Astro photography skills and long exposure techniques.

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Colorado gold mine photo tour

Rustic Colorado Photo Tour

1+ Days

Old abandoned gold mine structures, 1800’s mountain cemeteries and restored mountain “boom towns”. If you like old broken rusty things, then this tour is right up your ally. Often we can incorporate a bit of landscape into the day as well.

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alpine wild flowers - photo tours San Juan Mountains

San Juan Mountains Photo Tour

1+ Days

Alpine environments are unique in their flora, fauna and natural beauty. We travel high into the San Juan Mountains to capture the small ground high flowers and the sky high snow capped peaks. A great way to spend the day (or several days).

Private Tours!
Photography Workshops at Mount Evans

Alpine Environments Photo Tour

1+ Days

Alpine environments are unique in their flora, fauna and natural beauty. We travel high into the Rocky Mountains to capture the small ground high flowers and the sky high snow capped peaks. A great way to spend the day.

Multi-Day Tours

3 days minimum required.
Private Tours!
Sunrise Photography Tours in Canyonlands National Park Utah

Arches & Canyonlands Photo Tour

3+ Days

Nowhere else in America matches the “other-world” beauty of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Learn landscape and astro photography skills while exploring the back country trails in our Rubicon Jeep.

Private Tours!
Sandhill Crane Migration - Alamosa photography tours

Sandhill Crane Migration Photo Tour

3+ Days

Capture the amazing spectacle of SandHill Cranes by the thousands as they swarm the San Luis Valley. While there we can also photograph Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park. A trip you will never forget.

Private Tours!
Great Sand Dunes and Sandhill Cranes Photo Tour

Great Sand Dunes Photo Tour

3+ Days

The Great Sand Dunes are just that, great! 750 foot tall dunes nestled up against spectacular 14,000 foot peaks. Wow! We will capture sunset from atop the tallest dune and sunrise from the flower covered base.

Private Tours!
Wild Horse Photography Tours Colorado

Colorado Wild Horses Photo Tour

3+ Days

Wild Horses are a rarity these days, but Colorado has them. We travel to Little Book Cliffs reserve area where we will travel the back country trails by Jeep looking for the small herds of wild stallions and newborn foal.

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Wildlife photo tours in the Rocky Mountains

RMNP / Mt. Evans Photo Tour

3+ Days

Experience the best of Colorado in this three day excursion through Rocky Mountain National Park and Mount Evans. Stunning views and wildlife are the featured attractions.

Private Tours!
Photo Tours - Golden Train Museum

Colorado Railroad Photo Tour

3+ Days

Colorado has a long legacy of mountain railroads. A few of these amazing tracks are still running live steam engines making for a unique photo opportunity. We also have one of the biggest outdoor rail museums in the world.

Photography tours Colorado

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