For "American West" Photography Tours
General Q&A
Cancel / Reschedule Policy


  • Where is the pickup location / starting point for my tour?

    Clients are picked up directly from their lodging location.  We can pick clients up directly from any location along the Western Slope (includes: Grand Junction, Montrose, Ouray & Telluride).

    Tours originating in the Denver or Moab areas can also receive door to door service for specific tours.

  • Can I rent photography equipment through Big Sun Photography?

    Yes you can.  Big Sun offers Nikon full frame cameras including lenses (appropriate for the destination), tripod, camera strap, camera bag and cleaning supplies. (see pricing page) If you need something we don’t have we recommend using www.BorrowLenses.com . Using the link on this page will usually get you a discount.  You won’t beat the prices (even locally), you can get insurance coverage on your rentals and it is all done quick and easy via UPS.

  • Do I have to purchase travel insurance?

    No, but it’s never a bad idea, especially if you are planning a long multi-day trip with us.  Should anything go wrong (medical, injury, delays, breakdown) at least you will be covered for your losses.

  • Do I need to be an expert at photography?

    No, you will receive professional instruction throughout the tour.  Your instructor will be available at all times at each location.  So come, enjoy AND learn.

  • What kind of clothing should I bring?

    Please remember that Colorado weather is quite variable.  Even when it’s warm in Denver it can easily be 40 F colder at the top of the mountains.  Snow and rain come and go with little warning.  So please make sure you are suitably prepared for the season.  If you are not sure what to bring please just give me a call.

  • What if I have specific food needs?

    If you have any specific food requirements please be sure to let me know now so that I can attempt to accommodate a suitable place to eat along the way. (no guarantees however, the mountains are limited in the type of food establishments available).

  • Will I get altitude sickness?

    Some people (very few) do get altitude sickness during my tours.  This is best combated by staying as hydrated as possible.  If you get overly nauseous or dizzy, then please let me know ASAP so we can drop altitude (sooner the better).

  • Will I get motion sickness?

    We will likely be traveling on curvy roads and/or bumpy trails.  If you are prone to motion sickness please take appropriate precautions (most people find Dramamine to be relatively effective).

  • I have a fear of heights, what should I do?

    Colorado mountains are big and steep.  As such we will be on roads or locations with steep cliffs.  If this is going to be an issue for you, please make certain you bring this to our attention BEFORE you book your tour.  That way we can make suggestions for destinations that are more appropriate.


Only applicable to multi-day tours.

Since all tours are customized for the client, so too are the accommodations.  You let us know what level of hotel you wish to stay (and what you are willing to spend), then we will find and book the hotels best suited for our destinations.   It is important to note that some destinations may not have what you want.  

  • You may want a budget hotel (under $100), but such rooms may not be available at the location we are visiting.  (Moab is a good example)
  • You may want a 5 star hotel, but accommodations are simple and limited at our destination (Alamosa is an example)

  Below are some example hotels that we often use.


High End hotels and accommodationsHyatt Place Hotel  [visit website] Fancy Pants (high end) These hotels will have all the amenities that you may want usually with pools, spas, weight rooms and room service.





Mid Level accomodations for photography tour clients Comfort Suites Dillon [visit website] Mid-Level These hotels are pleasant, clean and comfortable but may lake any special features.






Budget hotels for photography tour clients Argo Inn Idaho Springs [visit website] Colorado is full of budget friendly hotels that are still very pleasant, clean and get the job done.  After all, in most destinations the hotel is not the attraction, it’s the nature around it.      *This list should be considered a guide only.  

Terms of Service (Private Tours):

  • RETAINER: A retainer fee is applied to all bookings at 50% the tour price for each date(s) reserved (minus lodging fees if applicable). At the time of booking, Big Sun Photography shall reserve the date(s) and not make any other tour reservations or accept any other photography work of any kind for the booked date(s).  The retainer serves to help cover lost revenue should a client cancel their booking (see below).


  • CANCELLATION:   Should the client reschedule the tour dates for any reason including acts of God the following terms apply:
    a) 7 or less days prior to the tour date – the full price of the tour will be forfeit.
    (lodging payments – see below).
    b) 8-29 days days prior to tour date – the full amount of the retainer shall be retained by Big Sun Photography in order to offset its loss of business.  Any additional payments made will be refunded.
    c) 30+ days prior to tour date – all money paid will be refunded minus a $100 charge for each date that was reserved in order to offset its loss of business.
    d) If Big Sun Photography cancels the tour for any reason a full refund will be provided of all money paid.


  • RESCHEDULE: Should the client reschedule the tour dates for any reason including acts of God the following terms apply: [ Important!  Rescheduling is contingent on availability and is not guaranteed.]
    a) 7 or less days prior to the tour date – $200 additional charge for each date changed.  
    b) 8-29 days days prior to tour date – $100 additional charge for each date changed
    c) 30+ days prior to tour date – No additional charge.

LODGING REFUNDS: Money paid toward accommodations will always be refunded when possible regardless of notification times.  Refunds for lodging are contingent on the booking terms of each individual lodging establishment.

  • In most cases lodging will be booked which allows a refund with 7 days notice.
  • Some destinations do not offer accommodations with liberal refund policies.
    When strict cancellations policies are present (more than 7 days) the client will be informed  before making the invoice payment.

IN WRITING: Cancellations and Reschedules MUST be provided in writing by email to be valid (so as to keep a proper record for both parties).