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Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colorado


Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Indian Peaks Wilderness offers a stunning backdrop for capturing nature’s beauty through the lens of a camera. The Brainard Lake Recreation Area serves as the gateway to this picturesque wonderland, offering numerous trails that lead to alpine lakes and spectacular views.

Capturing the Perfect Shot

Arriving early in the morning presents a unique opportunity to capture the first light of dawn illuminating the mountain peaks and reflecting off the still, mirrored lakes. With the perfect combination of light and wind, the resulting lake reflection photographs are some of the best in Colorado.  As extra incentive to arrive early, dawn is when you are most likely to encounter Moose who like to feed in the shallows of the lake before most people arrive.

Wildflowers and Wildlife

While the grand landscapes of Indian Peaks Wilderness may be the main attraction, the area’s diverse wildlife and colorful wildflowers add a unique dimension to any photography excursion. In the spring and summer, the moist areas surrounding the lakes explode with vibrant hues as countless varieties of wildflowers blanket the valley. Due to the high altitude, the flowers persist late into the summer season, much longer than their lower elevation counterparts.

As you wander the trails, keep your eyes peeled for the many species of wildlife that call the Indian Peaks Wilderness home. Birds, deer, elk, moose, and even cougars (mountain lions) have been spotted in the area. Although encounters with wildlife are never guaranteed, Indian Peaks Wilderness offers better odds than most places.

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