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Best Way to Display Photography on Etsy

Often when my tour clients have finished an amazing photography tour, they come home with a wealth of images they they want to try and sell online. Maybe you have experienced that desire as well after an amazing journey to far off lands.  

While your artwork may look great, sometimes it is difficult to properly display your photography on etsy (or any selling platform). This can sometimes lead to losing the sale.  The buyers often have trouble really understanding what the photography print might look like within their own home.  If only you could show them how lovely your particular image looks in a living room or bedroom (or maybe your art is best for bathrooms and offices).

I recently was having the same issue with my Wall Art Etsy Store .  So I started trying to composite my images within photographs of living spaces in Photoshop.  Needless to say this is time consuming, laborious and I didn’t have any good looking interiors to work with in the first place.  I sure wasn’t looking forward to going through all this every time I had a new Etsy submission.

No matter, I found a solution that was fast, effective and FREE!  See the photo above this post?  That’s my art in that lovely spacious room.  Check out “Oh My Print Wall App“…  this website will take your image (just upload) and allow you to place it within a large array of interior rooms and living spaces.  They will even allow you to upload your own photograph of a room and do the composite for you (great for higher end art sellers or interior designers).  Your uploaded artwork can now be resized and moved to any location on the wall.  Wow!  how’s that for convenient… and it’s free.  What’s not to love?

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