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Covid-19 & Tour Safety

Let’s face it. Travel is greatly changed for the foreseeable future due to the Corona Virus and tourism specifically has even higher risks. Holiday travel often involves participation in high risk situations such as group tours, events and densely occupied public areas.

This new reality requires that people start to think about how they can modify their vacations by participating in less traditional activities which offer greater safety. This does not mean less fun and enjoyment. In fact it can be argued that these changes will actually offer an all round better experience than they would have had prior.

Big Sun Photography’s private tours represent one of these alternative holiday activities. As you (or your family) are the only participants on the tour, social contact is limited to just your guide. Additionally, our tour destinations are generally remote in nature and as such you are rarely if ever in proximity to others.

“But what about the guide?” While it is impossible to eliminate all risk it is worth noting that your guide comes in contact with less clients in one month than group tour guides do in a single day.

“What additional actions are you taking?”

  • Guide will wear face mask.
  • Face masks are provided to clients.
  • Vehicle interior is sanitized between every use.
  • No interaction with secondary people (you and your guide… that is all).
  • Picnic lunch instead of restaurants are an option.
  • Door to door pickup/drop off eliminates additional social interactions.
  • If you desire we can even travel with windows down the entire time.

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