Everyone loves a good light show and here in Colorado our sunrise and sunsets can be quiet spectacular.  With the addition of the Rocky Mountains into the photos you have the chance to capture a beautiful scene you just can’t find anywhere else.

While sunrise or sunsets can be integrated into any of the tours offered, this specific tour is dedicated to capturing that short moment in time (usually about 20 minutes) when the light paints your frame with color.  We will also spend some time photographing other elements of the location before/after the sun’s event.  This tour is a single destination tour lasting about (3-4 hrs) depending on the location you choose.

Red Rocks Amphitheater:

Red Rocks Amphitheater provides a stunning view of the Denver Metro front range and a direct view of the sunrise as it breaches the horizon.  When the clouds are just right, the entire valley below explodes with a rich red/orange color as the light passes directly through the morning clouds from behind.  In addition the stunning and unique rock formations in the Red Rocks area provide lots of further photographic opportunities . [ learn more ]

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge:

The Arsenal is the best option for capturing sunsets in the front range area.  Its location well East of Denver and the Rockies allows us to capture the colors of sunset with dark silhouetted mountains in the distance.  Often we can capture a deer or bison in silhouette form with the sunset colors behind.  In addition to our sunset shots the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge provides 15,000 acres of prairie and lakes attracting raptors (including bald eagles), migrating songbirds, wintering ducks and geese, bison, deer, coyotes and lots of prairie dogs.  [ learn more ]

City Park:

The most popular park in the city, this 320-acre sanctuary neighbors the Denver Zoo and the Colorado Museum of Natural History.  From a photography standpoint, its main feature is a lovely view of the city skyline back dropped with mountain silhouettes.  A large lake within the park allows us to capture reflections of the city creating an interesting mirrored effect.


Important Note:  Quality sunrise / sunsets rely on the weather.  If there are no clouds in the sky there may be almost no color in the sky.  This is because our air is so clean and dry that without clouds the sunlight has nothing to diffract from (thus producing the colors).  There is no guarantee of a colorful sunrise/sunset.  However, even if the sky does not cooperate, the surrounding areas (Red Rocks & The Arsenal) are still quiet lovely and provide other photographic opportunities (City Park does not have much to offer without a good sky other than geese and a city lights shot after it gets dark).

  • Time of Year: Year Round
  • Tour Length: 3.5 – 4 hrs
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Landscapes: Views of Denver, Front Range, rock formations
  • Wildlife: Elk, prairie dogs, fox, buffalo/bison, eagles