Few places in this country provide the wide variety of wildflowers than you will find in the Rocky Mountains.  So when springtime arrives, it’s time to grab your camera and photograph these natural beauties among the backdrop of mountain vistas and white water streams.  Because of the great variation in altitude which we can access quickly over short distances, we have an unmatched opportunity to photograph different flower varieties within the same bloom period (even within the same day).

I’ve had the privilege of exploring Colorado’s trails and back roads for many years.  This experience becomes your resource as I’m able to guide you to the perfect locations for the best flower photography.  There are many “flower trail” handbooks out there, but they will only guide you to the same places the rest of the world has come to shoot.  Do you really want to share a field of wild flowers with a tour bus full of shutterbugs?

Beyond getting you to great locations I will also be available as your photo mentor, giving you the guidance you need to take the best flower photographs you possibly can.  There is a lot more to taking good flower photos than finding the flowers.


Topics include:

  • Working with depth of field
  • Working with backgrounds
  • Using diffusers and reflectors
  • Working with light tents
  • Proper composition
  • and more…
  • Time of Year: May – August
  • Tour Length: 7-8 hrs
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Landscapes: Rocky mountains, mountain valleys, wildflowers
  • Wildlife:  Insects, lizards, birds