International Photo Safari Tours

Adventure and Learning as One.

Goats in Trees - Morocco Photography Tours

Morocco Photo Safari Tour

This is an Exploratory Trip!  [ see bottom of page for details ] Morocco Photo Safari Itinerary DAY 1:: CASABLANCA Upon arrival in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, you will be met and transferred by van to your Casablanca hotel, where you will check in and relax for the afternoon. Depending on time, you…

Costa Rica Photo Safari Tours

Costa Rica Photo Safari Tour

TRIP ITINERARY Day 1: Welcome to Costa Rica (D) Upon arrival you will be picked up by your English-speaking tour guide and taken to your hotel Bougainvillea. The hotel is located outside the center of San José in a tranquil neighborhood. The hotel offers comfortable rooms, a nice pool, great service and the hotel is surrounded by beautiful…

Thailand and Laos photo safari tours

Thailand & Laos Photo Safari Tour

Southeast Asia has long been a favored destination for adventurous travelers. This photography tour will take us to some of the most interesting and photogenic locations in the region. In ten days you will experience eye popping celebrations, traditional tribal villages, bamboo rafting down jungle rivers, ride an elephant, tour the Mekong River, photograph traditional…

Photography Safari Tours in Myanmar Asia

Myanmar (Burma) Photo Safari Tour

The country of Myanmar is an amazing place, lost in time. There are few places in the world today left to travel where you can fully escape “Westernization” of a culture. Due to an isolated past Burma has been able to hold onto it’s culture longer than most of SE Asia. But now, as the…


Photo Safari Tours

The goals of photography and travel are one in the same – to explore the world and experience it with a fresh vision. When you travel with Big Sun Photography Tours you travel in the company of an experienced photography guide, following routes that have been designed exclusively for photographers.

Our small-group expeditions are not so much technical workshops but exciting travel opportunities designed to put your photographic skills to use. Your guide, Gene Tewksbury, will mentor your travel photography skills throughout the expedition, showing you teniques (both technical and social) for obtaining amazing cultural photos.

Our groups are kept small, with a maximum of six photographers, to insure freedom for individual photographers to explore and shoot with the group or on their own without us all getting in each other’s way. Whenever possible, special photo opportunities are arranged for the group as a whole. Flexible arrangements on each tour enable photographers to take advantage of the best light for photography and, when traveling by bus, to make impromptu stops for spontaneous photographic opportunities.

— Based in Denver Colorado.
— 970.306.7721

Professional Instruction

Your guide is available to instruct you throughout the entire tour.  Many clients use the driving time between locations to ask questions about long standing gaps in their skill set or to trouble shoot recurring problems they are having with their photography.

Of course once on location your guide will help you with both technical skills and composition to produce the best images you can.

Think of Big Sun’s photo tours as a way to visit the beautiful Colorado mountains AND get a free private photography lesson at the same time.


Gene Tewksbury Colorado Photography Guide

Gene Tewksbury

Owner and Lead Photography Guide

Phone: 970-306-7721

It’s a changing world and that world is becoming more and more homogeneous. As a result, Gene endeavors to experience different cultures and unspoiled lands while they still exist. His passion has been leading photography tours to exotic destinations and introducing his students to the magic of the world around them through the lens of a camera.

Gene’s love of travel and adventure began early in life; His childhood home in Virginia, USA was named “Gypsy Hollow” to reflect his family’s wanderlust. His earliest memories are traveling for a year thru Central and South America with his parents via a VW micro bus.

Having discovered a talent with a camera Gene established his photography businesses in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with a focus on tours and education; however, bills must be paid – yes? So during “off seasons” he takes on commercial clients, mostly corporate events and product photography.


A tour with Gene is never a “tour bus / follow the flag” affair.

Gene’s work can be viewed at:

John Kieffer Colorado Photo Guide

John Kieffer

Photography Guide

John has been a professional outdoor photographer, educator and wilderness guide for the past 25 years. Although he has extensively traveled and photographed just about the entire American West, Colorado has been my home for 40 years.

He has photographed and written 5 books, including “Mastering Nature Photography” and two, coffee-table books on Boulder and Denver. His photography has appeared in Audubon, Natural History, Backpacker, National Geographic Traveler and Outside magazines, and numerous calendars. In addition to photography, he has a lifelong interest in natural history and hiking the mountains of Colorado.

Words From Our Tour Clients

Costa Rica West Coast

“Tess and I just want to thank you for the great job you did showing us the less traveled areas of Costa Rica. We are very happy of discovering your travel photography tour service. Your experience traveling in this country allowed us to see so much more than we expected. Our expedition up to the waterfalls in the jungle of Montezuma was extraordinary. I don’t know how you found those. Swimming in the waterhole at the bottom of the falls, not a person in sight for hours and the sound of monkeys howling overhead.  I got such amazing photographs of the wildlife.  Especially the birds. It was my favorite part (though climbing down those tree roots to the pool was scary, but made for a great story).”

“I think Tess like the snorkel trip to the island reef and the big pig roast BBQ on the beach. We felt very safe and knew we made the right decision when you got our bags back even after the bus left without us on the ferry trip. I just knew our stuff was gone and we were stuck, but you chased our bags on a bus you waived down and got the driver to call ahead to stop the first bus. That was great. We think you are a good travel guide.  You also taught me a lot about how to get good photographs.  I am a much better photographer than before the trip.”

“We will tell our friends about you, maybe you will get more work from them.”

Tess & JessicaGermany and Netherlands

Costa Rica Backpack Trip

“Wow! This was the most fun I’ve ever had. I was so worried about traveling to another country, especially one where I did not know the language or culture. I was only days away from booking an expensive week at some beach resort where I probably would have done nothing but eat and drink in a lawn chair. Then I found your photography tours (accidental while looking for less interesting tours). After reading some I said “that’s the kind of adventure I want to have”. Let me tell you, that you did not disappoint.”

“You took us places I NEVER would have tried to go on my own. Like taking us over the border into Panama just so we could find some good scuba diving at Boccas del Torra for some underwater photography (too bad the water had been turned up by that storm – oh well it was still so much fun). And spending time on Bastemenous island. I didn’t know that places like that existed. No roads, no cars, no tvs, just a single walking path and lots of jungle. I didn’t even know people lived like that, and yet you still found us such a wondrous place to stay with that great German couple’s guest house. I could see fish through the floor of my hammock room. Amazing! I really broke free from my comfort zone there.I still can’t believe how much I did in only 10 days.”

“I will never forget the experience and it was worth every penny and I have amazing photos to cherish for the rest of my life. Honestly our backpacking saved so much money compared to the resort I was going to go to, that your expenses were nearly covered by the difference. How cool is that?”

Melisa ShafferAlaska USA