For Photography Workshops
General Q&A


  • Can I rent photography equipment through Big Sun Photography?

    We do not rent equipment for our workshops. We do recommend using www.BorrowLenses.com . Using the link on this page will usually get you a discount.  You won’t beat the prices (even locally), you can get insurance coverage on your rentals and it is all done quick and easy via UPS.

  • What kind of clothing should I bring?

    Please remember that Colorado weather is quite variable.  Even when it’s warm in Denver it can easily be 40 F colder at the top of the mountains.  Snow and rain come and go with little warning.  So please make sure you are suitably prepared for the season.  If you are not sure what to bring please just give me a call.

  • What if I have specific food needs?

    If you require a meal during our workshop please bring a pack lunch with you.  

  • Will I get altitude sickness?

    Some people (very few) do get altitude sickness during high altitude workshops.  This is best combated by staying as hydrated as possible.